March 8, 2015

Beyond our acceptance of a Sense of Place and our place in it, there is an overriding need for us to maintain and preserve it. My life has been devoted to making an effective contribution to this gargantuan task.

Early in my career I believed that science and rationality was key. I loved becoming and being a scientist. I loved analyzing the mosaic of landuse, and seeing the patterns of nature mapped out on the landscape. Seeing patterns and thinking about the world through the lens of science remains fundamental for me.

Over time, the pressure of academic science narrowed my vision to focus on more and more minute details of plant and animal biochemistry. Although beautiful in its own way, I found this myopia restrictive and I began to look for a new intellectual prism.

I decided to find ways to participate in the conversation among economists and environmental policy makers. Doing this I discovered that I was a talented scientific translator.

But deep in my soul I am a tree hugger and dirt lover.

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